You might think that after completing your CET, you’ve learnt all there is know about optometry. Perhaps not!


Many opticians are undertaking new qualifications to help them stand out on the high street and offer their patients the best possible care and service. Certificates such a professional certificate in glaucoma, media retina care, paediatrics and independent prescribing are all on the up, to name but a few!


Optometry today cites conferences such as The AOP’S Therapeutics Conference as founders of further research:

“The AOP’s Therapeutics conference, which is run annually in partnership with SECO International, comes to London in September with keynote speakers addressing topics ranging from neuroimaging of neuro-ophthalmic disorders and autofluorescence in retinal pathology diagnosis to getting started with gonioscopy and tissue engineering.”


Every year there are major changes and advances in ophthalmic care – especially surrounding conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. Staying abreast of these innovations is an excellent mode of ensuring the growth of your practice.


If you’d like to know more about courses ranges from contact lens qualifications to low vision qualifications, check out The College of Optometrists site…