Vehicle Sale and Leaseback

Vehicles are essential to business. But they also represent a substantial investment in both financial and administrative resources. This can divert funds and manpower which could otherwise contribute to increased business efficiency - and render your organization less capable of weathering unfavourable changes in the economic climate.

Vehicle Ownership - Other Drawbacks

There are other disadvantages involved in vehicle ownership. For instance, vehicles can:-

  • constitute an unwelcome influence on the balance sheet
  • absorb unpalatable amounts of investment capital
  • affect gearing and other ratios which detract from your overall financial well-being.

Vehicle Sale & Lease-back - A Realistic Alternative

Vehicle Sale & Leaseback constitutes a viable alternative to vehicle ownership. It not only turns fast-depreciating assets into cash, but will also regulate your fleet in the process.

The Way It Works

The Practice Loan Company will arrange to buy your existing fleet at an agreed realistic market valuation. Then we will lease those vehicles back to you. If you wish, we will arrange for maintenance and all time-consuming administration to be taken care of. You simply continue to use the vehicles as before, but in return for a fixed rental fee over a predetermined period.

Additional Advantages

The sale and lease-back facility can include any combination of elements, including a comprehensive portfolio of products which will remove problems relating to:-

  • funding
  • administration
  • maintenance
  • road fund licence
  • accident and breakdown
  • replacement vehicles
  • depreciation and disposal.

In addition, a "funding only" option is available should you wish to retain control of vehicle maintenance.


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