Unsecured Tax Funding

Don’t let your tax liability strangle your Practice!

Tax liabilities always seem to fall at the wrong time. At the Practice Loan Company we realise this and our tax funding facility is available to spread the cost and reduce your headaches.

An Unsecured Tax Liability loan is an ideal solution for professional businesses and individuals that are looking for a tax funding solution that meets their needs. We can say this because we are flexible and always endeavour to match our clients’ requirement with a suitable product.

Benefits of using a Tax Funding Facility through The Practice Loan Company PLC:

  • Unsecured – Not attached to any personal or business assets
  • Fixed Term & Rate – For ease of budgeting
  • Tax relief at your highest marginal rate – Very cost effective and efficient
  • Up to 12 Month Term – Minimising the impact upon cash flow
  • Finance can be rolled over - This allows future tax liabilities to be funded as they fall due
Enquire about Tax Funding today...

Enquire about Tax Funding now...

Call us free on 01543439732 and one of our experienced managers will be able to advise the correct solution for you.

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