Sale and Leaseback

Our Sale & Lease-back option allows businesses to release vital capital tied up in a range of general equipment items.

It is designed to;

  • Allow an immediate cash injection to your company
  • Facilitate the release of capital tied up in rapidly depreciating assets
  • Improve cash flow
  • Allow up to 100% tax relief on all monthly rentals
  • Facilitate the release of other lines of credit
  • Allow regulation of assets hitherto not readily financed
  • Offer flexible repayment periods to suit cash flow.

Sale & Lease-back offers distinct client benefits including;

  • Release of capital– offering access to valuable released capital, giving clients the opportunity to channel it into the practice
  • Wider use of funds– providing the facility to regulate your asset base and maximise your tax efficiency in the process by rolling up assets into a single refinancing agreement
  • A choice of options– The Practice Loan Company will help to examine the options available, and secure funds to release capital from assets wholly owned by your company.
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