Barrister Loans, Aged Debt Funding for Barristers

Barrister loans, Aged Debt Funding for Barristers

Unsecured Practice Loans for Barristers

Are you a Barrister looking for a loan?

The time it takes for most cases to come to fruition can be very prohibitive and the need for a good solution is more a necessity than a requirement.

How can our aged debt loans help you?

We can arrange bespoke loans for barristers which can help you to keep your cash flow running smoothly, enable you to pay for a large expensive item, or simply give you a little extra to help you pay the bills.

The difference barrister loans can make is enormous. We understand the complex regulatory environment you operate in and we can tailor business funding to suit your needs.

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Our aged debt finance offers the following benefits:

  • Budget planning – Unsecured loans for barristers have proven returns on investment, allowing you to spend on equipment or training while minimising your capital outlay
  • Alternative credit – We are not bound by restrictive lending issues and we have multiple sources of finance to draw upon
  • Flexibility – We can cover almost all aspects of your business expenditure and the finance can be arranged to suit your requirements
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* 8 out 10 applications are approved within 24 to 48 hours depending on the type of loan and approval process.